You pass by my side
I cannot see you,
When in the morning,Invisible
I knock at your door
When in the afternoon, I still wait for u;
At your doorstep, I knock and knock
I sit there on the stairs until evening, and wait,
I stand up and shout where u are? I know you are inside.
Open the door, it is hard to wait.
Outside; like a beggar whose face glints;
When, he feels the sound of a door’s opening.
But, when he turns back to see the person.
The door already shut in few seconds.
Standing there,
Like an ignorant beggar.
I am beaten by your quietness.
The emptiness round your door abuses me.
When, silence slaps at my cheek.
My tears take their way.
Then darkness takes over the town.
Your door welcomes it too.
You hide yourself underneath it,
It shelters you,
It makes you for me;
An invisible to be seen.
You pass by my side,
I cannot see you.


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